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alys. 23. central pennsylvania. enjoys comic books, horror movies, weird tales, victorian poetry, certain musicals, harry potter, vampires (non-sparkly), coffee, korean food, certain anime, zombie movies, make-up, tarot cards, and sundry other things you can read for yourself in my interests list.

Wer geboren werden will, muß eine Welt zerstören.
-- Hermann Hesse, Demian

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18th century, 19th century, a clockwork orange, alan moore, alfred lord tennyson, alice in wonderland, amanda palmer, argus filch, aromaleigh cosmetics, atheism, b movies, batman, bela lugosi, books, broadway, buffy the vampire slayer, carmilla, carnival of souls, christina rossetti, christopher lee, christopher marlowe, classic horror, coffee, comic and anime conventions, comic books, costume dramas, dante gabriel rossetti, daria, dawn, dc comics, demian, demonology, destruction as creation, doctor faustus, dope elf-titties, dorian gray, dr girlfriend, dracula, drew sarich, eating disorder recovery, edgar allan poe, edward d wood jr, edward gorey, elisabeth, emilie autumn, feminism, flappers, fullmetal alchemist, funerary rites, ghosts, ginger snaps, glamour, gothic literature, graveyards, green arrow, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, hammer horror, harley quinn, harry potter, haruki murakami, his dark materials, horror, horror movies, jack the ripper, jeff noon, jekyll and hyde, jim balent, john william waterhouse, joseph michael linsner, joss whedon, katamari damacy, kevin smith, law and order, lewis carroll, literature, lord byron, lost, make-up, marie antoinette, meat loaf, medieval literature, millennialism, musical theatre, mythology, neil gaiman, neko case, nightmares, oscar wilde, otaku booty, paradise lost, percy weasley, phantom of the opera, pin-up art, poetry, pre-raphaelite art, pride, pro-choice, project runway, pumpkin-flavored things, rasputina, red wine, robert browning, rococo, rose of versailles, samuel taylor coleridge, seven deadly sins, shakespeare, shoujo kakumei utena, star wars, steampunk, sweeney todd, t. s. eliot, takarazuka, tattoos, tea, the dresden dolls, the habsburgs, the smashing pumpkins, the venture bros, tim burton, titus andronicus, torgo, tori amos, tragic romance, true blood, unconventional beauty, unusual pairings, utena, vampire chronicles, vampires, vermillion lies, vice, victorian era, victorian facial hair, victorian poetry, vincent price, vintage, vintage erotica, watchmen, women with deep voices, zombies
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